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Interior of #431, showing half leather & alcantra seats.


Le Mans #431

Advertised as a non-runner on ebay in January 2007, #431 was purchased and extensive work was undertaken to restore the car to a road worthy state. The car was undrivable, as a new clutch, ABS pump and rear calipers were required. The car was trailered from its advertised place of Northampton, to its new home in Calverton, Nottingham.

A few man hours, and several hundred £ later saw the car back on the road with 12 Months ticket and tax.

Basic Details & Owner Information

Current Mileage
Engine BHP


Andrew Brown
January 2007
Calverton, Nottingham
1994 (M)
J700 PCM


Additional Information

Cam Belt & Tensioner kit change at 127,000 Miles.
Air Conditioning still works.
New rear bumper fitted May 2008.
Totally Standard - No Modifications.
Original registration = M847 FRW.



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